Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sense Of Blue Cream (SWE)

This is a unsigned band from SWE that really rocks my boat. If you take Cream, Mountain and Lobby Loyd and Coloured Balls and played equally great and with same originality this is for you. Anders Andrehn Guitar and vocals does a stellar job, raw gruff vocals and great raw heavy guitar. Ronny Eriksson (Magnolia) Bass doing heavy fluent bassruns and Anders Hedström drums. Why aren't they signed you ask..? Well general stupidity of labels aside, they play covers.. Cream and Mountain covers. But how they play them and the quality and originality of the playing should get them signed yesterday. SOBC are regulars at Åmal Blues festival (West coast of SWE)  and here I include a live track of them playing Crossroads. Labels get ya proverbial thumb out of your asses and give these guys a go. I love them and have so for years now. Support them and spread the word!
Rock ever on folks.